PROFIDEA became the next Technical Partner of AT'18

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Profidea is a bicycle shop that sells bicycles and accessories from the American brand Specialized. Our store is a place that gathers people whose passion is connected with riding on two wheels. Drawing on experience, we advise our clients on all matters related to the selection of suitable bikes and accessories.

Profidea is also a place where every cyclist, both beginner and professional, can adjust his position on the bike using the BG FIT technology. Its goal is to provide faster, longer and comfortable driving and minimize the risk of injury.

From 2017, the "Profidea for Women" initiative was created. Our goal is to integrate women in the cycling environment, promote physical activity and help in adjusting the cycling position to each woman. 

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The basis of a well done job is passion, joy of its performance and total commitment, and this is what we have more than enough.

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