Another Technical Partner of Adventure Trophy 2018 is Compass publishing.

Cooperation with them is important for us, because as racers we are well know how important is the quality and accuracy of the maps on which we come to race. There is also another level of the cooperation - without them, there would be no Adventure Trophy and its rich history sine 1999. The Compass owner Roman Trzmielewski and his team organized the first edition Adventure Trophy and thanks to his consent, we can now prepare the next races for you.

See the MOVIE from the first editions.

Compass Publishing is well-known to all tourist in Poland, their maps cover most parts of the southern, central and north-eastern part of our country.

Most of the maps are in scale of 1: 50'000, which is the most universal - ideal for both hiking and mountain bikers or kayakers or inlanders (there are also maps on scales 1: 100'000 and 1: 200 '000 and also more accurate on scales 1: 20'000-1: 40'000 - maps of smaller mountain ranges as Gorce, Pieniny, Tatry or plans of cities and their closest neighborhoods

Compass offers as well maps in form of digital files fo tourists using GPS satellite navigation devices (files with PNG extension at a resolution of at least 180 DPI)

They are offered in a wide range of formats: Garmin, TrekBuddy, Traseo, graphic files on PC or SeeMap (format for the SeeMap program developed especially for COMPASS)

Beside the orienteering maps, all maps during the Adventure Trophy will be prepared on the basis of Compass maps, we can now confirm the scale of 1: 50'000!

So, you do not have to worry about the accuracy and transparency of the maps which you will be using, now it’s time to start practicing navigation in heavy terrain and train hard!!!

Compass website:


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